I challenged a couple of friends to blog more, and then realized that this means I have to write more too!

I’ve been a slacker, for many reasons.   Two crazy classes, subjects I never taught before, students who were at times wonderful and at other times highly unco-operative, taking a class myself (and I should be working on that right now!) and all the rest of life, left little time for blogging.  

I’m glad that the semester is over.   It was stressful, trying to stay ahead of the class.    The weather made things worse.   We missed so much time, and got behind, it was a constant struggle to get anything done.   I had great expectations for that class – an upper level class should attract students who want to learn the subject.   In this case, I had a group who wanted to get a grade without putting in the work.   Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.  I’m sure that several are not happy with their grades, but they got what they earned.

So now it’s summer, six weeks off to play with fabric, play with yarn, play with the dog.   And get myself up to speed with my class – write some damned content, will ya!

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