Course development and I have too many files

Teaching online is something I’ve wanted to do for a while – for a lot of reasons.   For one, it would give me the opportunity to teach more classes.   I’d never have to leave the house – and that’s a major benefit.  I really don’t like most people, so not having to deal with them face to face would be a bonus.   And the bottom line is that I love to learn new stuff, I love to be the student, and I love being online – so teaching online is the natural progression.

I got accepted into a course that’s teaching me how to teach online.  Pretty scary – it’s been a long time since I was a student.   I don’t do well at many things, but I excel at being a student.   First part of the course completed with flying colors, on to the next.   

It’s a ton of work.  It’s self directed and I am not good with time management.  Or with organization.   Yup, there’s a file on this zip drive that has my course development plan – but what the hell did I name it?   Three days into course building, creating modules and going “what the hell do I put there?”  I found it!  Yes!   Score one for me!  

Oh, crap, now I have to actually do the work.  

I’ve been very scattered tonight.   A bad walk with Max, and I’m just out of sorts.   Tomorrow will be better.   It has to be.  

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