Sundays and Springtime

Spring – what a wonderful word

Only 24 days away.   I expect a blizzard on March 22nd.   

Once again I find myself annoyed by people who are posting that they want more snow, they want a huge storm.  I thought we just had a pretty big one, 20 inches isn’t exactly a coating, folks.   I think they do it to annoy, which is annoying in itself.   

So instead of working on things for school, I’m staring at the computer and thinking that I hope those people who want a foot get one, right up their asses.   I don’t comment any more.   It’s just not worth it.   But I really do hope they get a foot.   

(Up their asses)

I just submitted my homework and I’m not feeling good about it.   But I couldn’t stress about it any more, it’s done and that’s that.  I think I’m okay, I only have to get 60% and I’m sure I did at least that.  

On to more fun!

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