Fearcasting and ten feet of snow

It’s Monday and I’m sick of Winter

Yesterday, actually a week ago, the fearcasters starting talking about a massive snow storm that was gonna bury us for weeks and months and FOREVER! As it’s gotten closer, it’s gone from, “oh, crap, we were wrong, not gonna be anything at all,” back to “OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!”   

I follow a couple of weather pages because I have snow anxiety and I need to know the forecast so I can worry for days instead of just hours.   A few are saying that it’s too soon to call for specific amounts.   (Thank you)   Others are screaming about blizzards and snow being measured with yardsticks.   

A few have commented, before being totally shut down, that it’s merely causing panic to talk about such huge amounts this far out.   Others are screaming that people need to be prepared!  Because WE MIGHT ALL DIE!!!!!!!!!!   

Four years ago we got back to back storms.  One dumped 18 inches, and the next one, a couple days later, dumped a foot.   I hated every minute of it.   But we survived.   We got bottled water, we got beer, we brought wood down to the patio so we could get it easily if we needed it.   

If we get a ton of snow, we’ll survive.   We don’t really need to know days and days before the event that we MIGHT get snow.  I just don’t understand the need to have updates for days in advance.   


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