Snow – again

I have snow anxiety

No news there

I follow several weather pages on facebook, check the national weather service, accuweather (which isn’t very), weather channel (please stop naming snow storms, it’s stupid) and the local tv stations.   It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.   The forecasts call for anywhere from 2 inches to over a foot.   I’ve never seen such disparity and I’m confused as to what’s going on.   

My chondritis isn’t flaring at all.   Every time we’ve had bad weather, I’ve had pain, searing pain, sharp pains, pain that put me on the sofa with a heating pad.   I started taking coconut oil and tumeric and there’s been a huge improvement – but I’ve still had aches and pains when it’s been cold and when it’s snowing and when it’s raining.   I got nothin this time.   So we shall see.   Are the fearcasters right?  Are the local stations right?   This will be interesting.

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