Many of my facebook friends are doing a 30 days of Thankfulness thing on facebook.   

I thought I’d start here.

Today I’m thankful for my stepson, who has taught me that no matter how hard I try to win his love, he will never stop resenting me for coming between him and his dad’s wallet.    I’m thankful for him teaching me that as long as you say you care, someone will believe it.   I’m grateful to him for showing me that priorities are a funny thing, and if you want something badly enough, it becomes more important than anything else.   I’m grateful for the fact that we’ve always managed to have the money to save him when his priorities were a bit different from those of the rest of the world.

I’m thankful for his girlfriend.   She’s taught me that when my wallet is open, I’m a caring wonderful person, but when I ask too many questions, I’m a nosy bitch who needs to mind her own business.   I’m grateful to her for giving me a reason to close my wallet and not feel guilty about saying no.   

I’m thankful for my dog.   He’s taught me that I can do everything in my power to make another living being happy and it still isn’t enough.   He’s taught me that apparently there are no limits to the amount of frustration I can handle.    He’s taught me that puppy kisses and wagging tails don’t really make up for shoulders pulled out of joint, and aching bones, and bruises.   

I’m thankful for weather forecasters who hype every rain drop into a tornado.   My life would be so drama free without them, what would I do?

I’m thankful for students – see frustration levels above.  


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