What I didn’t post today

I didn’t post on facebook:

  1. Thank you for your thinly veiled comments that were obviously meant for my benefit
  2. When you borrow money from me because you can’t afford to put oil in the tank to heat your home and keep your kids warm every winter, but you have money all summer for vacations and new tattoos, yes, I’m going to comment.   If you don’t like it, don’t come to me and cry that you’re broke when it’s cold out
  3. When your dog dies because you used the money you should have earmarked for her medical procedure for tickets to see some aging comics who were only funny because we were all stoned – (that was the 60’s, before you were alive, stop trying to live in that time, you can’t do it) – yes, I’m going to comment
  4. When you change your phone as often as I change my oil, and don’t give us the new number, don’t blame us for not getting in touch with you

I’m so tired of being used.    


And furthermore

Why is it impossible for this dog to settle down after 10 pm?   Why does he feel that he has to go out every bloody hour until my nerves are shot and I’m ready to (and often do) scream?   He doesn’t do this when Bear is home, only when it’s just the two of us.   It drives me batshit crazy.    

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