It’s one of those days

Ever have a day when you just feel like you’re not even breathing right?   It started when I got up and tried to have a conversation with a tired man who had worked all night and wasn’t hearing only about half of what I was saying.   Morphed into the dog refusing to come inside so I had to put him in the car and take him for a ride up the driveway.   That turned into going to the hardware store and coming home to a huge spider in the garage – one that required half a bottle of spray and the shovel to beat it to death.   (You could have put a leash on it and taken it for a walk, seriously that big.)   

Then I take said dog outside to play with his ball and he heads down the driveway.  I follow, thinking we’ll play by the creek.  No, he wants to take a walk up to the front field and completely ignore me calling him.   I’m tired of that game.   

It’s Wednesday, tomorrow night is the Final exam for the class I’m not fond of, and I think the stress that’s been normal for every Tuesday – Friday for the last semester has just made its final appearance.  

I took my last antibiotic this morning, so tonight there’s a beer with my name on it.   I seriously need a drink.

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