Social media and are people really that needy?

If you post how old you are, and how you can’t believe you’re that old, yes, people will comment that you can’t be that old!  You don’t look that old!   Can I be the one to say, “Holy shit, you look 10 older than that!”   Please?
If you post a picture of yourself looking at your phone one more time, I may have to unfriend you.   Seriously, if you have to advertise how much weight you lost, it isn’t enough for people to notice.   

You’re going on vacation?   Good, now where is it you live again?  

So a waitress said that children should be kept under control in a restaurant.  Hey, I happen to agree with her!  If your kid has meltdowns in public, then take your kid where there are other kids, and parents who won’t care, not to a place where people are trying to enjoy a nice meal!   I don’t want to hear your kid screaming, and I don’t care why he’s doing it, I have a right to a peaceful evening as much as your kid has a right to scream in public.  


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