The other day, in one of my random rambles through the internet, I came across something called “zentangles.”  Ooooh, this looked like fun!   I turned to google, and that led me to Amazon, and I promptly loaded my cart with books and tools of the trade.  

I never hit the check out now button, I know me too well.   I did some more research.  It appears that these “zentangles” are basically doodles, filled with specific designs.   Done on small “tiles” (pieces of paper), apparently the marking of the design is a form of meditation.   

I have drawing pads, pencils and pens.  I think I can doodle without a book, or an expensive set of pens, to show me what to do.   

I emptied my cart.  And then I cruised pinterest and found a tutorial on making button bracelets.   My granddaughter likes those better than any old doodles.  


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