This and that Tuesday

We went for a walk.   That’s a truly wonderful thing, since we haven’t been able to walk for at least the past month.   I got some really good advice about using the Halti and I put it in practice and SUCCESS!  Very little pulling, I just need to work on me now, on letting Max correct himself when he pulls instead of me trying to correct with the collar pop.   It’s SUCH a relief!  I didn’t realize how much I missed it till Sunday, when we just went out on the road and moved!   It’s amazing what it does for my anxiety levels, and for Max’s general mental health – he is so much more settled, more calm.   It’s wonderful!  And now we can do it, I’m so happy!

I saw a button bracelet on pinterest, and of course, had to try it.    I got the materials for next to nothing and created this:

I think my granddaughter will like it, but I also think it needs a few more buttons.   I’ll work on it more tomorrow.


I did nothing on the quilt.  I would feel guilty but I can make up for it tomorrow.  Today was sort of a mess – Bear had to go in early, and I went to dinner with a friend, at a time when I never eat a meal.  It was fun, nonetheless.  I took along a bottle of wine that was just wayyyyyyyyy too dry for us, so we gave it to the people at the next table.  They thought it was great!  🙂

Class tomorrow.   Not a fan of early days but I’ve been enjoying this class so I’ll suffer through it.

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