The quilting has begun

I finished one block last night. Progress! I’ve got three done, out of 81. And I must say, it looks pretty darned good. I’m happy with it.

It’s been a journey, one that isn’t over. Lots of memories, lots of “stuff” has been found. Memories of quilting with my mother, of the way she did things. Memories of the times we sat at the dining room table and cut blocks, and took turns at the sewing machine, and taking stitches in fabric – stitches that held us together and held our memories.

I’ve found actual stuff – blocks that I cut, blocks that my mother cut and sewed. I think it’s time to finish them. It’s time to let go. Not totally – just turning those blocks into a quilt will allow me to keep them, but to see them as part of my now in a different way. Part of the past, transformed, and part of my present.

There are some bad memories in there too. I’m hoping this will give them less power.

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