Christmas – and a minor rant

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, every year.  It’s a time of giving, a time of decorating trees, making donations to charities, spreading joy, and for most, in some way, celebrating the birth of Christ.  For those of us who don’t consider ourselves Christians, it’s still Christmas.  It may offend the politically correct, but it’s not X-mas, it’s not Giftmas, it’s not some holiday made up by Jerry Seinfeld, and it’s not Kwanza.   It’s CHRISTMAS.   Saying “Merry Christmas” to people simply honors the reality of the day.  

I know enough history to know that many of the Christmas traditions were taken from other religions.  I know that most people really don’t care about the religious significance of the day, anyway.  It’s a day of conspicuous consumption, of buying what you can’t afford so you can put it on Craig’s List a few months later when no one is using it.   

What’s the point of making up a stupid name like “gftmas?”   

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