I feel snarky today

Everyone is posting about how they’re thankful for this, and thankful for that.   Bah humbug.   Why just now?  Why not every day?   There are so many things I’m thankful for every day – but right now I’d be thankful for a nap.   

I broke down and got a prong collar for Max.  He’s not a fan, but he walked pretty well with it – until we got to the corner.  My fault as much as his, he wouldn’t move because he wanted to go play, and I wouldn’t pull on the prong collar, so I had to get behind him and push him. That combined with all the Thanksgiving prep has given me a sore back and shoulders.  

Getting old is a pile of hurt.   My bones hurt, my heart hurts from the people I miss, the traditions no longer a part of my life.  My head hurts from eating chocolate yesterday.   My  brain hurts from all I still have to do.  

And I’m feeling snarky but not saying what I want – like, “If you’re making such an awesome dinner, how do you have so much time to be on facebook?”  Or, “what’s your excuse for missing THIS exam?  Who died this time?”   The sarcasm button is pushed all the way in.   But I’ll bite my tongue tomorrow, and be thankful that my brother in law is deaf – so he can’t hear what I say to myself when his back is turned.  

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