Wednesday just became Monday

In spite of the reason – Frankenstorm hype – it was so nice to have two days off. I truly wish we could afford for me to stay home every day. Sigh

Well, the price we pay for the beautiful home we have is going to work nearly every day. And I do love my job, most days. So back to work we go tomorrow, to play catch up for the missed days and listen to the same question over and over, because apparently listening is no longer a skill that’s taught anywhere. And then home to take a walk with Max, have lunch, run errands, go back to teach some more.

Only five more weeks. And then a whole month off. 🙂 Is it really wrong to count the days?

And soon I’ll start counting the days to Spring. Because the snow anxiety is still a struggle. I’m trying to convince myself it’s not as bad as it’s been, that I’ve gotten some control of it, there’s yet to be any real test of that. And I’ll be quite content if it stays that way all winter!

In between little projects – pondering a hat, or a squishy sort of scarf with some fuzzy yarn I got that looks better in theory than in practice.

And I think I like this Vegas show.

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