Whoever came up with that should be ashamed.
Panic has ensued around here – I’ve had to put a couple on my unsub list, just can’t take their hourly updating about how nervous they are. And the hourly updates from the weather reporters are equally annoying. We know it’s gonna be bad, guys, is there really a reason to scare us all witless?

Why yes there is. It’s called ratings. Sigh

The good thing is that they’ve canceled classes for the next couple days so I get a mini vacation. Now if the power stays on, it will be wonderful. I don’t do well without running water and lights, but I’ll manage. I have no choice.

I walked in a parade today – just shy of three miles. My feet hurt at the end, and I’m quite tired, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Guess all that walking with Max is paying off.

I realized tonight that not a single member of my family has called or contacted me in any way, to express any concern about this huge storm that’s supposed to hit right on top of us. Thanks. Strangely, I’m very calm about the whole thing. It just doesn’t seem real. I’m not sure why, if intuition is kicking in, or if I’m just so tired of weather hype that I don’t believe anything they say. I’m extremely grateful that we’re not supposed to get any snow out of this. We haven’t done anything much to prepare – I bought some bottles of water so Max will have something to drink, and we filled the tub so we’ll have water to flush the toilets. That’s about it. I have tons of books, tons of yarn, plenty of batteries – I can charge the phone and the Kindles in the car, and I have tons of real books if the Kindle poops out. It will suck to have no internet, but I’ll survive. Don’t like the dark, but again, I’ll survive. We’ll just go to bed early! Kinda worried about what we’ll eat if we have no power for more than a couple days but we’ll figure something out! There’s always bread and cheese!

Or maybe it’s that I’ve gotten 5 pennies in the last two days – Mother seems to be working overtime.

Hoping everyone stays safe and this all turns out to be a lot of hype…………

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