It’s a lahdeee dah sort of day

After a flurry of activity the last couple days, today is surprisingly calm. Only a few things on the to-do list, and all day to accomplish them. I have 5 days off in a row, I am so excited! I’ve been a terrible quilt slacker this week because I got sucked into a knitting project, and while I love fabric, I truly love yarn more. I got sucked into a shawl, and then discovered that there’s an error in the directions. I’m not about to rip out fifty couple rows, I doubt anyone will ever notice that one stitch error!

I was hoping for a nice, calm weekend, but Max had other ideas. On Wednesday we went to the groomer. On Thursday he played with Keno. Thursday night I discovered blood on his neck, and what looked like a cut. On Friday we went to the vet, who took one look and pronounced “hot spots!” On not one side of his neck, but both. So my poor baby got shaved – he was not impressed. And medicated. He was less impressed. Two shots, one an antibiotic and the other a steroid for the itch, and we were sent home with medicated wipes, anti itch spray, and told to clean and treat three or four times a day. Oh, it’s such fun to do this by myself! Last night, the Bear held him while I cleaned and sprayed, and it was so much easier.

The steroids make him hungry and thirsty and he’ll be almost asleep when it’s like something bites him in the butt and he’s up and running. Part of it is no exercise the past couple days, I’m not taking him for a walk with this going on, so all we’ve done is a few car rides and otherwise we’re home. Yesterday he started scratching so now there’s one spot that looks sore still, but otherwise it’s all drying up nicely. What an ordeal for both of us!
Just grateful it’s healing, and trying to convince myself that I’m not the worst puppy parent ever.

Today is cold and rainy and my bones ache. But then again, my bones always ache! There’s cleaning to be done, and sewing to be done, exams to grade, books to read, knitting to knit! It shall be a good day. I so decree. 🙂

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