And now for something completely different

I got a surprise, sort of, today – I read back over the last 6 or 8 posts I’ve written and holy cow, what a Debbie Downer I’ve become!
So today ……….something happy.
Max and I took our usual mile walk yesterday, and happily, his best friend was home. He got to play with Keno, a 2 year old Husky, for over an hour. They do the bitey face game, and the wrestling game, and the chase each other game. He was one tired – and very happy – boy.

(Okay, why did this person sit down next to me and start talking?)

So today’s plan is to go home, have lunch, get a nap, take a walk, and come back to school. I get to teach adjusting entries. It’s very amusing to watch the confusion, and very rewarding to watch the lights go on over their heads. 🙂

AND……..the Orioles clinched! I think that’s the term, anyway, my husband is very happy about it!

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