It was one of those days.

I’m fighting the soreness, and the anxiety, and it’s making me cranky and impatient. Every time I have to be somewhere, that’s when Max decides that it’s time to dawdle. The heat is making him nuts, too. He wants out – then it’s too hot so he wants in – but maybe he didn’t really want in, let’s try out again. Nope, he was right, back in. Repeat. And repeat again. All day long.

Something is wrong with the phones. Bear unplugged one and now it’s not working

On to the good stuff
The biscornu is almost finished and it looks pretty good
Three more classes, only two lectures, to go, and then several weeks of vacation. Very badly needed vacation.
happy sigh

it’s hot
It’s uncomfortable and humid and yucky
but it is NOT snow
and that’s another happy sigh

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