Every now and again, I ask my mother for help. Actually, I ask for her help on a daily basis – doubting that I will ever fully recover from her death, I find ways to connect with her still.
Before she died, she told me to look for pennies. She said, “I’ll send you pennies to let you know I’m still with you.”
And so she has. Many pennies over the past ten years, in response to many a desperate plea for help.
When I had to have cardiac catheterization, she left a penny in the middle of my cell phone – on the bathroom counter – while I was in the shower. When I was worried about a strange thing we found on one of Max’s teeth, she left a penny in Mark’s bathroom. When Mark was stressed about work, she left pennies on his desk three days in a row. (He didn’t really pay attention the first two times, so she made sure he got the message!)

Yesterday I moved the rug in front of my shower – and there lay a penny.

Thank you, Mother. Thank you for still taking care of me.

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