Overtired tonight

Crazy busy day.  I got up too early, then farted around talking to Bear, checked mail, scanned and sent out some stuff, finally got functional and went to Walmart.  I had a long list of stuff I wanted to get, planning to use up my gift card and probably spend a good bit more.  

I hate Walmart. 

They were rearranging the store. Half the shelves were empty.  Things I had purchased there last year were no longer carried.  I got less than half the stuff on my list.  Not happy.

So I went to Bath and Bodyworks, used up the gift card I got for Christmas.  They were having a good sale, so I stocked up on my favorite scents.  Then it was home to take Max for a walk, eat lunch, get a shower, go to the chiro, back home to feed Max and get ready to go to the mall to sell coupon books for Community Days.   We didn’t get home till after 9, I made macaroni salad and ate supper and now I’m ready to crash.

Probably gonna dive back into the new DeLint tonight.  The fan group isn’t any fun but I might get lucky and win a book or two.  Yeah, right.   I finished one scarf last night so I guess I’ll start another ruffly one. Or maybe just go to bed.

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