Buzz Kill

I joined a group on facebook – something I hardly ever do – that was started by one of my favorite authors to promote his new book. There’s to be a drawing for a copy of the book, winner to be chosen from among the members. There were probably 150 members when I joined, now there are over 700. Most of the posts have been about the author’s work – Charles DeLint – he writes amazing urban fantasies, mythic fiction, whatever you want to call it, the man is just a really good writer. The first few days, it seemed that everyone was just about giddy with joy at being there. Posts ranged from people talking about the first book they read, to a project being started to chart the course of certain characters, maps of Newford to be drawn up, to how to make cold tea or coffee palatable.

Apparently it was too much for some. Today a post was made by someone announcing she was leaving, because the group was wandering off topic too much. I wasn’t even aware there WAS a topic! I’d been happily reading everything, filled with the joy of the group, I went on a buying spree and got three of his books that I had missed and ordered five more yesterday.

I felt like I’d had a door slammed in my face. To be scolded, and rather sternly, took all the joy out of the group for me. I started the new book last night, and now I don’t want to read it. I buried myself in my Kindle instead, and knit, and sort of pouted.

And the Janets of the world win once again. Joy suckers, every one of them.

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