It was a good day

Counting my blessings today –

I knocked off everything on my to-do list

The weather was great

Max and I went carcar

It didn’t snow!

On the other side-

Morons called – twice – and I’m gonna have to call the attorney tomorrow

The Fearcasters are calling for a “wintery mix” tomorrow

BIL attempted drunk texting – but the good part is that I shut him down


Really stressed about these phone calls. I don’t know how these people sleep at night. A simple search would show them that any information they have is incorrect. I’m getting calls from a scumbag collection agency, trying to get information from me, (yeah, right, dude, I’m gonna give you my social security number – NOT!) and telling me that I owe money on credit cards I never opened! It’s annoying and upsetting and I want it to stop. So we’ll go to the attorney and hopefully he’ll give us some advice and this bullshit will stop.


Tomorrow I get to have lunch with a friend. PIZZA! J And that goes under the good things for today!

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