Time passes

It was a day of sadness. Not so much for me, but for my best friend. It still pretty much astonishes me that she’s my friend at all, but we got this thing goin on and I’m not gonna question it. Her great aunt passed away, at the wonderful, amazing age of 97. It was a celebration of that life, but it was also a farewell. And those are always a sadness.

Stories were told. I wish I had stood up and told the only story I had, but it’s too late now. I might have but Beth had made me cry with the stuff she read, and the stuff she said. I hate to see her hurt. I planned on going to the funeral, and then coming home to take a nap, cuz this getting up a the crack o’dawn sucks. But Beth’s mom asked me to go the cemetery, and I couldn’t say no. Then she asked me to come to the lunch, and I couldn’t say no.


It was 2:30 when I got home, Max and I went out and did his potty thing and then we went back to town to pay a bill. I had to get ready for class, didn’t get the exams done but oh, well. I’ll finish them up this week. Then class, A.C. Moore, I was good –only 4 balls of yarn tonight J – and home to get Max and go back to the store for cheese and sausage.


It’s time for this old fart to hit the bed. Hard. I expect I’ll snore a good bit.


Oh, finished the second Jalna book tonight and downloaded the third. Yay!

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