Waitin on a video

That sounds like it should be a song title.

I made a video today for my Managerial Acccounting class because while they can understand the High-Low method and how to solve for f and v, they can’t figure out a Contribution Margin income statement.
(See why their heads fall off?)

I sound like a frog at the moment. It all started when Peachy tried to kill me.

She didn’t plan to – I don’t think she did anyway. I’m pretty sure she would have told me. If you knew her, you wouldn’t find it at all odd that I say that. “I’m planning to kill you next week,” from Peachy, would be akin to the Dread Pirate Roberts saying, “I’ll kill you tomorrow.” **

She made a delicious cake called a Tuxedo cake. Perhaps it’s named for the tuxedos I expect all the gents to wear at my funeral. Except for those wearing kilts and playing bagpipes – I want Amazing Grace on the pipes and the kilts to be swinging. It’s quite heavy on the chocolate. Chocolate, that amazing stuff that hates me equally as much as peanut butter hates me.

I ate three bites of this delicacy and passed the rest of my slice to another person. In the middle of the night, it struck. I woke up with the worst migraine I’ve had in years. Apparently spending the entire next day in bed allowed every random germ to make its way into my bedroom to see if I was available for infection.

Sunday I got up with no more headache, except for the inevitable migraine hangover, and a fierce sore throat. Dragon claws were being sharpened in there.

It’s slowly morphed into a voice that sounds like a frog and a lingering tiredness. And a definite lack of appetite. It’s what we used to say was “something going around.” That was back in the good old days when we didn’t test ourselves for non-existent symptoms.

Meanwhile, the video is uploading and I have no enthusiasm for grading so here I am. Randomly writing about nothing much. The second Wallaby will be completed today. This one was more fun than the first, only one mistake, no ripping out, the directions are not terribly clear in some places but once you’ve run through it, you can figure out what to do. I’ll take a break from knitting and make another scarf next.

It looks like Summer is almost over. My second least favorite season begins. I wouldn’t mind Fall if it weren’t getting cold, and living in the woods with a man and a dog means the leaves are constantly trying to come inside for dinner and I’m constantly trying to keep them out. The same goes for mice and spiders but the Bear is in charge of removing those things from my presence.

There’s an obsession with Halloween where I live. I don’t get it, it’s already started – actually started back in August – it’s as big as Christmas and after 20 years I’m still baffled by that. Maybe it’s because we don’t get trick or treaters, we live way too far out in the country, with a driveway that goes through dark woods, to attract any kids. And the early start to the “celebrations” makes me tired of it by the time it actually arrives.

I’m getting another shot tomorrow. I’m kinda surprised they’re going to do it, since I told them I have a cold. I’m kinda wondering if they’ll make me take a Covid test when I get there. THAT will make me mad. My BFF is gonna be my driver because, well, she’s my BFF! That, and a couple of other things that happened today made me realize that while my blood family is miles away from me, I have built a true and loving family right here. And the wonderful thing is that this family of mine all care about each other as much as I care about them. (Even Peachy, when she isn’t trying to kill me. )

random image of tuxedo cake – Peachy’s was prettier

**random Princess Bride reference

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9 Responses to Waitin on a video

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Peachy try to kill you? Inconceivable!!

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  2. I want Amazing Grace played by kilted bagpipers at my funeral, too!
    Your symptoms sound like mine when I had the ‘Rona. Hope you don’t have it and feel better soon.
    Chocolate in small quantities is okay for me. No migraines just tummy issues.
    I’m helping my sister after her hip replacement surgery. She’s a real trooper and a good sport. I truly love her. Her two greyhounds, yappy chihuahua, and slug of a husband are another story. I am very thankful that I will go back home on Thursday if not sooner…

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    • I was wondering where you’d been! I fully expect to be given a rapid test when I get to the clinic today for my second back shot so we’ll see if it’s a cold or the Rona. Either way, it’s about done. And I’m expecting a blog post about these dogs and the slug!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’d love to do a tell-all blog post but my sister subscribes to my blog and that would not be a good thing for her to read. She is a saint to put up with everything she does. The greyhounds a great dogs but they are too big, have big beds, big crates, and big food and water bowls that take up more space and cause traffic flow issues. The chihuahua barks if you blink or otherwise move. Fortunately she hasn’t tried to bite me…yet.
        The slug….good that I can call and vent to Mr. Aitch.


  3. It simply sucks to not feel well, for whatever reason! While the description of where you live sounds appealing to me, I wonder if, once the trees were barren, I’d make it through a long winter. I’d like to try!

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