When you hurt

And you have a high energy dog, life can be really really difficult.

My hip went out the other day. The day before my last physical therapy visit for the sciatica, the hip decided that nope, not gonna be healthy, not having that shit here! I managed to get it under control, and then yesterday it went out again.

Today is a round of exercises and rest. I have a referral for a chiropractor and I will call tomorrow if it’s still messed up.

Meanwhile, I have a lawn swing that I love – but can’t get out of if I sit on it for more than a few minutes. It’s beautiful outside, and I don’t dare go out because Bear isn’t home and I don’t want to be stuck out there till he gets home.

We also got word that the doggie virus that went around last year is back. It’s highly contagious but not fatal (sound familiar?) to most dogs, if they’re healthy and have no underlying conditions. (Sounds REALLY familiar!) Maverick was home for about 8 weeks last year because of this. One of his friends picked it up at the dog park (why do people still go to those places!?) and Maverick picked it up at the local park where we walk. They shared because caring is sharing, right? Daycare closed down for two weeks while everything got sanitized, new air filters installed, and all dogs were 2 weeks clear of symptoms.

Two weeks after he started back at daycare, Maverick came down with it again. So did several other dogs, and then the owner got Covid, and everything got shut down for a few more weeks. On the advice of our vet, Maverick was home for a month. We did go to the park, he doesn’t get near enough to other dogs to be spreading anything – I thought about masking him but he wasn’t on board and I believe in freedom of choice, so he was mask free.

It wasn’t a fun time. I was teaching five classes, he was bored, we couldn’t really go anywhere – and he’s not great about riding in the car for long, so even rides were out. But we managed.

When I picked him up on Friday, I learned that this virus is going around again, to the point that the dog warden actually closed a daycare and kennel in another town. I was told to keep Maverick home if he shows any symptoms – and of course, I would do that anyway. The point of all this is that we’re not going to go anywhere where he might pick this up. He was not in the least bit sick, he sneezed and had a runny nose for a few days, got a course of doxycycline and that was that. (Yes, he also had gotten the kennel cough vaccine, it does nothing against this) But he was bored and when he’s bored, he drives me nuts.

Yesterday and today we didn’t go for a walk. Yesterday, he could be outside all day and I managed the swing, and a straight chair and it was okay. Today I could barely walk when I got up. He is, according to my friends, “so inuitive!” Really? REALLY????? I’ve managed to get him outside – where he stayed for about half an hour – and then back in. He is currently pouting in the laundry room. I am currently feeling guilty and also in pain.

I’m too old for this.

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11 Responses to When you hurt

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve had issues with my hip, too, and it ain’t fun.
    I’m still having Achilles tendinitis issues. My doctor ordered X-rays, which I had done last week. He told me that he will probably need to order an MRI or some such thing as the X-rays won’t show much. But the insurance company needs that verified. I will call him tomorrow and wait.
    Feel better.

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  2. Bitey Dog says:

    Oh gosh, few things in the world are more destructive than a bored dog. I hope you and Maverick survive with your sanity intact(ish)!

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  3. I hope you feel better. Go to the chiropractor even if you feel better just to be sure everything is where it belongs. I firmly believe that when we favor one injury (back) we stress some other part (hip). It’s all connected:) I hurt my neck which annoyed my shoulder a few years back. It isn’t fun to get old:(
    Poor Maverick. It’s hard being bored with no one to play with when you’re used to having a fun busy day. Myles is a licker too. It’s annoying.
    My across the busy street neighbors got a golden retriever puppy. She’s super cute but today she got loose and they were chasing her trying to keep her out of the street. She was grabbed before she got into danger. I hope they’ll be more careful.

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