I’m tired

so this is just random thoughts today

I’m tired of being told that anyone other than my doctor and myself need to know anything about my health decisions. I’m tired of my doctor being told he can’t prescribe medications that he may feel would be good for me because some guy I never met says so.

I’m glad the holidays are over. Christmas was wonderful, New Year’s Eve sucked. My grandchildren spent the afternoon with us on Christmas and gave me a lovely gift – 5 balls of yarn and two crochet hooks. (Wool Ease, 4 colors, and one ball of Loops and Threads Roving – which is soooooooo soft!) For young women who know nothing about yarn, they did pretty well. I wouldn’t have cared if they got the crappiest yarn ever, they put some thought into the gift and that’s what matters most. It was also nice to have them spend the time with us. One grandchild was absent. She had developed a sore throat and runny nose and got a Covid test which came back positive. I had also developed a sore throat, runny nose, cough, headache – we compared symptoms through text messages and holy cow, they were exactly the same! (It was a cold) So she stayed home and I went on with my life. (Judge me if you want, it was a cold, and if you’re that terrified of it, or your health is somehow compromised, stay home)

January 6th thoughts – if it had truly been an “insurrection,” I don’t think the current occupant of the White House would be calling himself President. One person died. It was not equivalent to Pearl Harbor, or 9/11. It was stupid and it shouldn’t have happened, but it wasn’t the worst thing ever to happen in this country. And the idiots who thought it was a good idea should be really proud of themselves, no matter who they are. That said, the speech that was given yesterday was a really great way to get people to unite, wasn’t it? An old phrase came to mind when I heard some clips. I’ll let you figure that out yourselves.

It snowed last night. I suffer from severe anxiety when it snows. I have a crazy ass driveway, on a hill, with an S curve, and a pond along the side, and trees, and I’ve slid off it a few times. So has the Bear, one memorable time a few years ago when we got a blistering 3 feet of snow in one night (anyone who uttered “BRING IT!” does not want to know the hell I wished upon their heads) and he slid off the driveway because he couldn’t see where the path stopped and the creek started. Truck stuck, he walked back up to the house (turning the air blue, by the way) and we were stranded for 3 days. (The people from the neighboring farm got us out on the third day, I have never been so grateful to total strangers) A few years earlier, I watched him slide sideways down the driveway in the truck, and when I told him I saw the angels holding that truck upright, he believed me. (The next day he got new tires on the truck and managed to get us through the blizzard that hit the very next day. ) I grew up in Upstate NY, I know how to drive in snow. I never liked it, but I never hated it. I do now. And the hatred turns to fear, and until the Bear is home safe, and all my people are home safe, I cannot relax.

Maverick, on the other hand, thinks snow is the best thing ever. Watching him have the zooms last night was the only thing that kept me from sobbing.

I made a list of the books that I’ve purchased and not yet read. I stopped counting at 150. There are at least three more boxes in the computer room. And you see why I say Peachy is a bad influence? 🙂

I made one resolution, by the way – knock down the TBR pile!

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments against the vax mandate today. For not only my own sake but for everyone’s I hope they strike it down.

I started knitting a scarf with some super thick roving yarn. (Part of my Christmas present.) I should be writing syllabi but making bracelets and knitting and reading is a whole lot more fun.

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12 Responses to I’m tired

  1. Are you sure you are not just being a Lazy Susan? I mean, your g-kids bought you crotchety hooks, rights? 😈😈 I’m glad to not live in a snowy land. Snow is great to visit and then leave. Our son has a vacay house in lake Tahoe which got 9 feet of snow last month and the photos from his security cameras are unreal – the world disappeared under the white blanket. So far I’ve refused offers to come up and visit. My old mighty Mazda is not the vehicle I want to be using on high altitude mountain passes and other places with ice and similar horrors. So far I’ve pretty much kept my resolution about no talking back to the TV news idiots. It hasn’t been easy this week.

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    • I’ve yelled at the TV enough for both of us this week, you may thank me later. I moved here from Upstate NY and we actually get less snow than they do. If I don’t have to go out and I know all my family is safe, I can appreciate the beauty of fresh snow. But it can just stay off the roads! My car is all wheel drive but that means nothing on ice. And the fear is deeply ingrained- my previous car was a Cavalier that was useless in bad weather.

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    Oh, my friend…always good to hear from you. I love snow as long as I dont have to drive in it or shovel it! I avoided news a tv yesterday. We have tons of staff and faculty out sick. Fortunately it is equivalent to a cold. Razz LOVES the snow!

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  3. I hope you’re feeling better:) The email that arrived from my son’s school describing their “plan” for navigating the start of second semester is as insane and overblown as is imaginable. He rolled his eyes reading it. I told him not to wear a mask when sleeping no matter what they say.
    Your grandchildren get an A+ for gift giving! I love when the gift is thoughtful:)
    The current political climate is just nutty. So many lies being spewed with straight faces. So many people oblivious to facts and just repeating the lies.
    Im currently reading RFKjr’s book on Fauci. If it’s not on your list add it.
    We got some snow too. I can drive in it thanks to living in northern Maine but don’t enjoy it.

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    • I’m currently reading the Fauci book, too. Absolutely mind blowing. I’m also reading The Parasitic Mind by Gad Saad, you should add that to your list. I have family in northern Maine! You guys get nailed with snow, but Maine is beautiful aside from that.

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  4. Bitey Dog says:

    Hmm, the Fauci book? What sorts of things have you learned from it?

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  5. Peachy says:

    Hahaha how is your book buying ban going? How many books of the 4 or 5 you’ve read for the year are from your existing collection?

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  6. Well, I had a Kindle moment that we won’t discuss. 🤣


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