It’s been a long day and it’s only 11:30

One of these days I’ll learn to say no.

Who am I kidding, I haven’t learned that in my centuries on this earth so far, why would I expect to learn it any time soon?

It’s 10 days till Christmas. My previously Grinchy grandchildren, who demanded nothing for Christmas but cold, hard cash, have suddenly been bitten by the true Christmas spirit and have requested the kind of Christmas I had growing up.

This does not just involve presents – although that’s a good part of it. (Ask my friends, who get loaded down with gifts because the kids didn’t want anything. ) (Don’t worry, Peachy, you’re still getting spoiled this year.) It involves decorating and baking and for some reason that I totally cannot explain, I decided this would be a good year to make my mom’s famous cream filled chocolates. I’ve never made these. I helped her make them, usually I was in charge of filling holes left by the toothpicks she froze into each ball so she could dip them in the chocolate more easily.

She’s been gone for almost 20 years. I haven’t made the candies because – and this always makes me laugh – she only made maple and peppermint flavors and no one here likes maple. (I just learned that’s not true, my BFF’s soon to be son in law adores maple flavoring) Sometimes my brain is a strange place. (Shush Maxwell) Bear once asked if I would make peanut butter fudge for him. I always use my Aunt Lena’s pie plate for fudge, and we hadn’t unpacked that box yet, having only lived in the house for a few months. I said, totally seriously, “I can’t, I don’t have Aunt Lena’s pie plate.” He, equally seriously, said, “you can’t use something else?”

Well, duh.

So when I mentioned that no one likes maple, his response was “can’t you make other flavors?”

Well, duh again.

My class is finished, so I’m thinking, “yippee, I have two weeks to do all this stuff I need to do.”
Well. Not really. BFF still needs help with babysitting. Am I going to say no to that? Are you crazy? (Sorry, Krist) Well, that’s three days this week. Also, I need to go to the jewelry store for the yearly diamond inspections, and that has to be done this month. Today is the day for that because it’s the day between babysitting. Our township is considering allowing the building of a solar farm on 600 acres of land – yes, 600 acres – and there’s a meeting tonight about that. I don’t know enough about solar farms to have an opinion about this, so I want to attend the meeting to hear both sides. (I’m also hoping for fireworks because I do love drama when I’m not part of it) (I’ll keep you posted about this issue)

I joined a gym last week. Today I have a meeting with the trainer. From there, I’ll head to the mall to get the jewels checked, then do the card shopping for those who get special cards, go to Bath and Bodyworks because I’m out of shower gel and that’s the only stuff that doesn’t dry my skin out, and maybe stop at the pet store. Then home by 5:30 to pick up Maverick from daycare, and soon after head out to this meeting. Maverick does not like it when I leave him alone, so when I get home I will have to placate him for awhile, and at some point get some dinner for myself. And him.

There’s also laundry to be done, and a snuffle mat to be made for a granddog.

And I got three hours of sleep last night.

Am I whining? Not really. I have longed for a Christmas like I had before I married the Bear and moved to what is still sometimes a foreign country. It appears that this year I will be getting that. So in spite of all the work involved – getting the tree, decorating, baking, candy making, (middle grandchild requested peanut butter balls, too. She has no idea that she’s tormenting me, since they will appear delicious and I can’t eat them), I am pretty darned happy.

And will be happier when I get a nap.

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16 Responses to It’s been a long day and it’s only 11:30

  1. ReginaMary says:

    I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas traditions. Hi Maverick!!

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  2. I joined a gym last week. That explains the recent earthquakes here in SoCal. Just kidding…the shaking happens after the holidays. Anyway, I got tired just reading your list of “to-dos” and now I need a nap. I’m sending Amazon cards and the recipients can like it or lump it. In reality, they will all like it. The AJF asked what I wanted for Xmas and I told her. She said she doesn’t know anything about what I asked for and instructed me to go to Amazon, order what I wanted and wrap it up myself. I think our Holiday Spirit is somewhat deficient this year.

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  3. When Mr. Aitch retired from his choir director position, I retired from Christmas baking. I do miss it but not enough to start it up again. Our waistlines can’t handle it.
    I could gift cookies and candies only to receive some in return. As I said before, our waistlines can’t handle it.
    Have fun!!!

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  4. Kristi says:

    You are going to have a fabulous Christmas and if I lived in that foreign land with you, I’d help! And, I love maple…I’m one of the rare ones that does!!! xoxoxo

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  5. Bitey Dog says:

    Did you invite Santa’s Little Helper to assist? You know, booze? 🥃 🍸

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  6. In early 2021, I decided that I needed to ignore all of the hoopla of holidays because it was always up to me to make anything for a meal that was not store-bought or restaurant made. I have to be honest – it’s been nice not having to stress about what to buy for people who already buy it themselves when they want something! And I will enjoy whatever meal I choose to prepare for a holiday meal without all of the fuss and dishes (I have no machine to do them for me) afterwards. Plus, I do get to keep all of the leftovers without sharing and getting little left for myself! So YOU enjoy the hoopla in my place!

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  7. Based on your post it’s obvious I’m slacking over here;)
    Today I’ll be off to the health food store and the pet store. Then I’ve got sleeves to knit.
    It’s wonderful that your grandkids want a real traditional Christmas:)

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    • Today I’m babysitting and then starting liver in the dehydrator. Possibly going to the Hallmark store in another town because the one in the mall was closed, and I plan to start the candy process. I need to go to the health food store too – carob chips for puppy cookies

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  8. Peachy says:

    So happy to hear that you will have a more Christmas-y Christmas this year!! You’ll have to tell us what flavors you end up making! 😊😋 or I won’t mind you just showing us 😅😇

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