Office hours on the patio

Well, it seemed like a good idea but it’s a bit difficult to see the computer screen in the sun. I was going to grade midterms, after I completed the midterm – which I have to do because the answer key is wrong. Note – LIFO means LAST in, first out, not the other way. (And no, I don’t care if you insist you’re right, Mr. Dept. Chair, you are not) (Look it up and if you’re teaching this to your students, ummm, seriously?)

However, I can’t really see the excel spreadsheet so I can’t do the exam. Maverick is pleased, however. Maverick would like to live outside now, it’s not too warm, there are plenty of leaves on the bank from last Fall that he can amuse himself by watching as they blow around and every now and again, a hawk flies over and he can chase the shadow. I think he has the right idea.

I could be knitting, but I’d have to get off the lawn swing and go get my bag. I’m not feeling motivated enough to do that. However, I did managed to pick up and knit a couple of rows of the WW pouch so I’m feeling pretty damned proud of myself for that. I might work on that tonight when Law and Order is on – one of the few shows I try to watch regularly. I don’t like some of the newer characters but I love Olivia and well, Elliot – he’s just yummy.

So I’m listening to a book. And enjoying the breeze. And I think it’s a pretty perfect way to spend an afternoon.

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7 Responses to Office hours on the patio

  1. It sounds like you have some heavenly spring weather:) It’s sunny and spring warm here. I’ll be heading out for a walk after dinner.
    Tell him LIFO and FIFO. It’s pretty easy to remember really:)

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  2. Natalie K. says:

    Do you teach accounting? I’m mired in LIFO myself these days, as I’m studying for the CPA exam!

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    When I was in food service, we worked with the FIFO standard for rotating food. First in-First out. I still see people at the supermarket stocking the shelves placing the items with the latest expiration date in the front. Drives me nutz! Hi Maverick! Razz loves this weather too.

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