Dog hats and other silly things

Maverick’s groomer is a lovely lady who can make a plan to become a millionaire at the drop of a hat, and abandon that plan with little notice soon after. Her latest is selling dog clothes. Apparently there are people (some of whom read this blog and therefore I’ll be kind) who like to dress up their dogs. (Poor Max, I do feel bad for you even though Maverick seems to consider you a snack sized morsel)

So she’s making dog coats and selling them like crazy. Last year I made a dog dress for a friend who had gotten a pug puppy. (Yes, another snack sized morsel) M suggested I make one and put it up beside her coats because she knows we can sell a ton of them. What the heck, I only have 7000 other projects started, so why not? Said dress is now sitting in the kitchen, awaiting delivery.

It wasn’t quite finished, hence the clips at the top

And then I saw baseball caps for dogs. The search was on till I found a pattern, which I’ve adapted because I don’t like the way they put it together and I’m never satisfied doing things the way someone else says I should.

Ignore the background, my craft room is a holy mess but I get things done there.

Maverick refuses to model either of these lovely garments. I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong with him.

At any rate, being sick of politics and the Rona, here are some sillies to make you smile.

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12 Responses to Dog hats and other silly things

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    I’ve known some dogs who absolutely love wearing clothes. I bet you are going to make a lot of pups and a lot of people happy with your designs!

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    Razz strongly dislikes wearing anything more than a bandana after a bath. I had to put a sock on him once to keep him from licking a hot spot and he looked at me like I asked him to wear the cone of shame! I do love a cap on goldies. Kevin the Golden wears them all the time on Instagram.

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  3. You’ll be giving up your teaching gig to sell dog clothes in no time:)
    Myles is not a fan of clothes of any type. He’s the type who toughs out the cold and then curls up on a blanket when he comes back inside.

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  4. yarnmama10 says:

    I agree that dog clothes are silly but it does beat politics and ‘rona for sure, 😆

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  5. Wait a minute. A story about dog costumes with no photos of dogs in costumes? Foul! Let’s face it. Dog costumes are just plain silly and I, for one, can’t tolerate people who dress up their pooches in hats and jackets and pajamas and vests and boots and scarves and headbands and neckties and beanies and all that stuff. Uh, uh. Not for me or my dog.

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