Why, why, why, why?

Okay. The baby quilt is all quilted. Last block was done on Monday – not heavily quilted, it’s just straight lines but it’s done and I think it’s okay.


Now I have to finish it

I have to bind it

The thought terrifies me

It ALWAYS terrifies me

Okay, I have a huge amount of fabric hanging over from the back because I just didn’t want to cut it off.

What to do? What to do? Shall I cut it off even and then make a binding? Shall I cut it like an inch wider and just whip it around to the top? Shall I go hide in a corner and cry?

I really kinda wanted it done tomorrow but then the terror hit. And I froze. So dear Jebus, it may never get finished.

Why did I get myself into this??????????????

Okay. Put your big girl panties on and cut the damned thing and just whip that binding on and screw those mitred corners that you struggle with every single time and make it straight and get it done.

I’m going to need booze.

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16 Responses to Why, why, why, why?

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    As long as your quilt is square/rectangular, another option is to cut binding strips and put them on one side at a time. They will overlap at the corners instead of being mitered.

    Don’t worry, you’ll do great! Then you will have a wonderful Christmas present for your little one.👍❤️🎄

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  2. I don’t quilt, but gee, this sounds like me with projects! I’m eager to start a project, knowing the sense of accomplishment that awaits upon the completion of said project, and I go gung-ho through 75% of it. Then I start to lose interest in finishing it. I force myself to continue it in bits and spurts, and then I’m close to being done – just a few more hours and a little more effort…. But I don’t. I know I can, but I just don’t. I drink my morning coffee and imagine in my head what it looks like for me to get that project done TODAY, and it’s a nice visualization – which leaves me the minute I look at the actual project and bemoan in my head, “Do I really have to?”

    I don’t drink because alcohol upsets my stomach and I’ve lost my taste for it, but perhaps I should buy some and keep it here as a ‘reward’ for finishing a project? No, I think a BIG bar of dark chocolate would be my incentive!


  3. I’m not much help and I’ve only made four quilts. I did the bring-the-back-to-the-front binding once and wasn’t pleased with the results, though it was minke fabric and was in itself a challenge. It’s more work to make and add binding but I feel more comfortable doing it that way. Just my 2-cents.
    I’ll have a drink with you. What’s your pleasure?

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  4. 2020 just struck again. I had composed a nice Christmas message to you in which I proclaimed no knowledge of quilting but suggested you might try alcohol…and then I managed to post it on the blog of someone who was writing about the love of mothers and children at Christmas. Honest to God, they are probably sitting there wondering who the hell is maxwellthedog and why is he talking about booze and quilts and best wishes to a Bear. Oh the humiliation. Anyway, we here wanted to wish all you there a great holiday, a Merry Christmas to remember full of warmth and happiness and expensive dog treats and a new year’s that really kicks butt.

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  5. Bitey Dog says:

    How did the quilt turn out? Did you finish it in time?

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  6. Bitey Dog says:

    Max, I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or puke after watching your video.

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