Grading grading grading

It’s the last day of this brutal seven week mini-mester (not my term, I think it’s stupid) and I’m so grateful to have gotten through it, I may need a few adult beverages later.

I assigned a group project to my students this semester. I hate group projects. The only way they work at all is on a campus where the students actually live in dorms and can schedule meetings and get together and work together. For a community college like mine, they are a logistical nightmare. Also, they prove my point that socialism doesn’t work – you get one student who does all the work, one who does nothing, and everyone gets the same grade – and the ones who do all the work rarely rat out the ones who do nothing.

I digress. I created 8 groups and somehow have 10 papers to grade, so this is already interesting. I’ll find out who did something strange in a bit. I settled in with a bottle of water – it’s not advisable to consume adult beverages while grading because, well, it just isn’t. I’ve had enough coffee to get my brain working so I’m ready to read.

The first paper was absolutely amazing. Way to go, Group 2, you are totally getting bonus points! They answered all the questions, spelled all the words correctly and wrote an extremely readable paper! (Any time I don’t have to go “Whuuttt?” while reading papers, I get happy) (With or without adult beverage consumption)

Here’s my problem. It’s the first one I read!

Why is that a problem? Well. Here’s the thing – all others will now be judged based on the wonderfulness of the first. Yeah, not doing that – I’m taking a break and going to the cemetery to visit the parental units and coming back to this later when my head is cleared.

I’m not complaining. Well, yes I am.

Today is dinner with my sister and my nephew and more reminiscing and talk talk talk. And then back to the motel to have an adult beverage – of which many are consumed during my trips here because, well, I love my family. šŸ™‚

Maverick is missing me badly and I’m missing him, and my Bear, as well. The reunion will be epic so stayed tuned.

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6 Responses to Grading grading grading

  1. I hated group school projects because I was the busy beaver who did all the work earned the good grades and despite best efforts I often resented the “freeloaders” who always had some emergency that prevented their participation in the work. Glad to hear the trip is progressing well and you have your Irish Mist to snuggle with as your poor little golden retriever mourns your absence with a tiny canine heart that breaks at your absence which has been forever and forever. But, hey, no worries. By now Bear has probably noticed your absence too. šŸ˜ˆ

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    • Oh, sure, cuz I’m not feeling guilty enough, just pile on! Maverick is adjusting and Bear will just binge watch MASH while I’m not there making comments about how much I hate Hawkeye. According to Maverick’s facebook page, apparently I need to be microchipped to prevent me from getting lost so often!


  2. Bitey Dog says:

    Darn those grade-curve-blowing students that understand the material and work hard!

    Hope you are having a great time with family and enjoying those adult beverages. Iā€™m sure each encounter will make for some interesting blog post material. šŸŗ šŸŗ šŸŗ

    Have you Zoomed with Maverick? Just wondering if he thought Virtual Mommy as good as Real Mommy.

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    • I called home tonight – I call at least three times a day because I miss my Bear and my Maverick – and Bear put me on speaker. Maverick looked at the phone and then ran to the door and back. I had thought about facetime but I think it will confuse him to see me and not be able to get to me. According to the Bear, he’s clingy but he’s adjusting. It will be an epic reunion when I get home!

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  3. Bitey Dog says:

    Aw, we all can’t wait!
    (Have someone video your reunion so you can enjoy the chaos from a different perspective.)

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