Now you’ve gone too far

So the latest in the ongoing saga of a virus and losing rights all over the place, my grocery store has started limiting the number of people allowed in at one time, and placing lines with arrows on the floor so the good little robots have to go up one way and down the other. (This was done last week, I noticed very few good little robots.)

Grocery shopping normally takes me half an hour. It’s about 5 miles to the store, and I shop the same aisles every week, start with the yogurt, down to the eggs, around to the milk, over to the paper products for paper plates – I buy TP and that sort of thing at the big box store – on to the meat section, up the canned goods aisle, over to the chips, then finish at the produce.

According to whoever is in charge of this mess, I should now start at produce and finish at the yogurt. I am a creature of habit. DO NOT MESS WITH MY ROUTINE!

Apparently it is now taking upwards of two hours to do a weekly shopping. I don’t really want to spend two hours with strangers in a grocery store, even though I’m a social person and can talk to a stick if it stands still long enough. I got stuff to do, and I’m really not good at standing around.

I honestly don’t see how this will do anything but make lives more difficult.

Last night, I pulled out the pattern and directions for my next sewing project. I make doll clothes for a friend’s little girl who has an American Girl doll – little miss Sassypants once took said doll to something wearing a dress I had made and when the other girls and their moms oohed and aahed over it, she announced, “You can’t get one like it, it’s one of a kind, made by my Auntie Susan.” I love this child. 🙂 The last project was a dress with multiple layers of tulle – a learning experience for me and something she will love. Next is a set of leggings with an overskirt of tulle, a knit top, and a headband. The headband is made of stretchy lace.

I don’t have any stretchy lace. This is not a big deal -NORMALLY! I would get in my car and run to the store and buy what I need. But noooooooooooooo, the powers that be have decided that my fabric stores are not essential. Maybe not to THEM! I need my damned lace! Can I get it online? Yeah, and pay twice the price for something I can’t touch so I’ll probably hate.

This may seem like a first world problem. Okay, it IS a first world problem. But it’s the little things, people. The little things are going to put us over the edge. I need my life back. I need lace. This is essential to my mental health. Deny me my lace and I’m going to start knitting hats for Maverick. He will not be happy.

edit – my neighbor, after listening to my rant, sent up a HUGE box and storage bag of all kinds of lace. I am in HEAVEN! Still annoyed that my stores are closed, but I’m a happy camper right now!

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10 Responses to Now you’ve gone too far

  1. Bitey Dog says:

    Agh! Your store sounds like ours. Instead of having three entrance/exit doors available, they now force everyone close together through one. There are forward moving arrows 6′ apart, but the aisles aren’t wide enough for two people to pass. One of the reasons I couldn’t volunteer to make face masks was that I didn’t have elastic or ribbons for them. Couldn’t get them either. Until you get some good stretch lace, wanna join me in drawing Insanity Avoidance Kitties?

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  2. ekurie says:

    Well I had this great, supercilious comment about the grocery like how healthy it is to require our brains to retrain or something useless. But the lace issue is just really sad. I feel terrible!

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  3. I’m surprised that there is stretchy lace even available – or at least until someone figures out how to use it in place of the now-extinct elastic for masks!


  4. I, too, have been severely discomfited by the limited availability of lace. Especially fancy Spanish lace which I use to trim my dirndl and bodice. I make do in these hard times by using beer pop tops that I string together with fishing line.

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