Pokemon weekends

Maverick and I walk at the same park every day. It’s a beautiful park, with several walking paths, so we can wander a bit, go a different route if we want, avoid Goose Poop Alley on most days – there’s a big pond and the geese land there and wander the park and do their business wherever. Apparently it’s quite the delicacy – one that Maverick’s tender digestive system can’t handle, evidenced by a $200 vet bill a few weeks ago to get raging diarrhea under control.

Most days, weekdays, there are few people there during the day. We go in the morning, around 11, and again around 4. (Yes, we walk twice a day) We meet the same people, and the same dogs, every day. We know who likes dogs – most of them – and those who don’t – evil witchy woman that casts her eyes upon us as if we smell bad. In her defense, we may by the 4:00 walk, but still, it’s a bit rude to wrinkle your nose and make disapproving noises when you pass someone, unless they’re covered in tattoos and then I can’t help myself. (I hate tattoos)

On the weekends, it’s a whole different place. People gather there to play Pokemon. I swear, you can see the brain cells being sucked from their heads straight into their phones. They gather on the paths, blocking the paths, eyes glued to their phones. They DO NOT MOVE. It is so incredibly tempting to plow right through them, scattering them like bowling pins, with Maverick. But I refrain.

It’s also full of people who only come out on weekends. I’m thinking it’s a form of vampirism? The ones who wander about aimlessly while their dogs, attached to a flexi-lead and a mile away – rush into the face of my slightly reactive (well, duh, they’re running at him!) puppy. And oh Lordy, if he reacts! You would think he was about to tear them up and leave bloody pieces behind.

He does sound fearsome. He’s basically harmless, mostly wants to play, but is not fond of dogs in his face. It’s something we’re working on. We’re working very hard on this, every single day. Today was a win – I got him to pay attention to me instead of the little yappy dog that was having a fit. Dude, he could swallow you in one gulp if he wanted to! Seriously!

We left when we spotted the GSD/Pit Bull mix whose owner is totally oblivious, or sort of stares at me like she would really like to let her dog pay us a visit. We’ve avoided her several times, only to find her standing and staring at us when we try to get back on the path. Her dog was staring hard at Maverick, but we were close enough to my car that we just crossed the grass and I got him in.

I do not like the park so much on weekends. My husband says I act as if I own it. With this in mind, today I couldn’t help but mutter several times, “get off my lawn.” I am such a curmudgeon lately.

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6 Responses to Pokemon weekends

  1. I know the feeling of just wanting a safe, nice place to walk with my dog.
    I hope you and Maverick are safe on your walks…and can enjoy many many many many many wonderful walks together. 🙂
    Through our walks, Coops has “introduced” me to a lot of nice people over the years. 🙂
    HUGS PATS and RUBS!!! from me and Cooper! 🙂


  2. It’s often said that one becomes more irritable as one ages. I personally have no experience with this situation but I’ve heard about it from older and grouchier people, Boomer. 😈 I happen to like flexi-leads but then again my Max is 15 pounds and moves at the speed of sloth even on a good day. I keep him reined in whenever other doggos are around, for his protection.


    • Maverick is a touch on the reactive side so dogs on flexi-leads, with owners who are not paying attention, tend to send me into anxiety, which then makes him worse. I was reamed out a few weeks ago by a girl who told me I had no business being in the park, simply because I asked her to reel in her dog. Google flexi-lead injuries, you may change your mind. 🙂 Also, I’ve always been a bitch, so getting older really hasn’t changed me much. 🙂


  3. Bitey Dog says:

    Hmm, maybe Little Missy from the Park needs to be reminded of local dog leash laws. Usually they want no more that a 6′ leash in public places. See if you can find some brochures to keep in your pocket and smack those busybodies on the nose with them if they get snarky. Not that
    I am feeling curmudgeonly today or anything…


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