I’m a knitter

And what I knit is normally given away. I like to buy yarn – the craft room closets are stuffed and there are baskets sitting about where Maverick can’t get into them, filled with yarn. My brain is constantly thinking of ways to use the yarn I have, and giving me reasons to buy more. I’m a wee tad addicted to yarn.

I can crochet, but knitting is my love. I started knitting when I was four years old. Family lore says that I picked up my mother’s knitting and did a few rows – perfectly – before she realized it and took it away from me. I still have the little knitting kit I got for Christmas that year – a little plastic lunch box sort of thing that I absolutely adored.

I’ve knit up miles of yarn in my life. Most of what I make these days is either given to someone or donated to a charity. I have enough scarves to, as my mother would put it, patch Hell 99 miles.

(I’m still not quite sure what that means)

Many years ago, I was told about this new website, where knitters shared patterns and in general, their love of knitting. Well, sign me up! And so I created an account.

I’ve knit my way through a lot of presidents, some I liked, some I despised. The person in office never influenced my knitting. I talk yarn with people who knit, I don’t normally talk politics. “Do you have a mitten pattern?” has never yet been followed by, “Maybe, but I won’t share it with you if you didn’t vote for the right person!”

I don’t care who anyone loves, as long as they don’t come after my husband – then we’ll have an issue, he’s mine, I don’t share. “Do you have an easy hat pattern?” is not answered with “It depends on your sexual preference.”

Today I learned that this website that I joined years ago is banning Trump supporters. My first question is, “who the hell is talking politics on a knitting board?” My second question is, ” do you really believe I’m a white supremacist because I don’t hate the President?” And my third question is, ” How the hell is this inclusive if you shut out anyone who doesn’t agree with you?”

I deleted my account. I’m sure they won’t even notice. The designers who sell patterns on that site might, though. I just can’t see how this is fair to them.

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6 Responses to I’m a knitter

  1. ekurie says:

    Thank God. I wish back for the days when a person’s vote was not only private but not a contentious debate. Like you say, our interests weren’t reflected in politics.

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  2. Oh, I understand now. I thought people said you were crotchety but they were actually saying you crochet.

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  3. and I just learned that you can buy a pattern for a “Fuck Trump” hat on Ravelry, but you can’t say you’re a Trump supporter. I fear for this world


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