Crazy Town

It seems that we have to visit Crazy Town once a week or so.   After a truly horrible day last Wednesday, I saw signs that training was starting to click, that things were improving, that there was light at the end of this teenage tunnel.

Yesterday we went back to Crazy Town.   It started with the snow.   My hardest task is not playing into the chaos and getting on the Crazy Town train, too.   The snow made Maverick giddy with energy and totally incapable of hearing anything.   I so wanted to be able to let him off leash, let him go zooming through the snow, run it out and play.   He can’t be trusted off leash just yet, though.

Max loved the snow.   Last March, we had our last snowstorm of the year.   I watched my recently diagnosed with cancer old boy run through the piles of snow, full of joy, young again and happy, smiling that Golden smile.   I watched with tears, thinking that if we were soon to lose him, he would have had one last snowstorm to play in.

Snow and memories, and a crazy puppy, all combined to put me in a dark place.   Maverick went there with me.   We had a 1/2 hour of cuddling, followed by a 1/2 hour of ankle biting, leash tug of war on a side hill in the snow, refusing to eat, refusing to nap, eating the walls, chewing the fur off any toy with any left, demand barking and general really obnoxious behavior.

I was very glad when the train out of Crazy Town arrived.    By evening, we were both worn out and sad.    Today we woke up with the sun shining, the snow melting, and the train to Crazy Town far away.    I think I’ll tear up the rails and maybe it will stay away.   🙂

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