When you’re out of Biofreeze

and he decides it’s a good time to jump all over you.   

Today I had a bone density test.   Way to make a girl feel old!    Apparently, when you reach a “certain age,”  you have to get all sorts of body parts checked to see if they’re still working.  At least this test wasn’t invasive, I just had to lay on a table while a thingie slowly scanned me from top to bottom.   I suspect I’ll be told that I need some fancy drug because that’s what doctors do, prescribe tests and then tell you you need fancy, expensive drugs so the drug companies can justify the gazillions of dollars they spend telling you that you need to “ask your doctor about this wonder drug with side effects that will make you shit your pants every time you fart, but you’ll feel amazing – except that you’ll probably need to take another drug to combat that shitting your pants thing, and that one will make you pee yourself every time you stand up, but it’s okay, we have yet ANOTHER drug for that !”  

God Bless Medicare.   Trust me, you do NOT want Medicare for everyone   Nope, nope, nope.   Sigh

Maverick got groomed today.  He looks wonderful.  He was very worn out from this experience, but being Maverick, he didn’t crash till around 10.  He then woke up full of piss and vinegar and decided that he would try to steal the pillows off the bed, and if that wasn’t gonna work, he would chew them, and if that wasn’t gonna work, he would just jump on me.   Every bone in my body now hurts.  I’m out of Biofreeze, so my heating pad will have to do.   

The pain gives me an acceptable reason for my tears.  I don’t have to explain that Christmas hurts this year.   That my heart is still so broken that tears are always close.   I can just say it’s my back – and not my heart.

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3 Responses to When you’re out of Biofreeze

  1. People call me dense all the time. I assume they are referring to my ancient bones. Which I guess is one of the reasons they call me dense. Hope you feel better soon.


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