When you’re just tired

I can’t seem to do a bloody thing right today.    It’s probably just due to exhaustion – I was up half the night with Max, who has developed a touch of arthritis in his hips and was in a bit of pain, enough to make him whimper every few minutes.   He never whimpers, so it scared me.    And off to the vet we went today, to find that indeed, it’s arthritis and he needs some meds to help with that now.    My old guy, weren’t you a playful puppy, nipping at my hands, just a few weeks ago?    We’ve grown old together, you and me, and it hurts to see the signs in you far more than the signs in me.

I went for my walk.   I started laundry and tried to do some school work.   And when I didn’t want to decide what we want for dinner, I got the look and the attitude.    Why must it always be my decision?   YOU have to eat too, dammit!

Laundry needed switched and I wasn’t in the room.   Comments on posts on facebook were met with responses that seemed to imply I was an idiot for making them.

And then the laptop shut down while I was playing a game I’ve played hundreds of times – overheated for some unknown reason.

I sincerely hope that Max sleeps tonight, there will be pain meds to help him with that, and that tomorrow is a better day.

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