Bittersweet and melancholy

Fourteen years ago I moved to Pennsylvania, leaving behind my entire family.   Most of them didn’t care, and some of them did.   I went back a few times, once a year, for the first few years.  Then life got in the way, and it’s been six years since I’ve been back home.

I just spent ten days there.  I’m going back to my real home tomorrow.   It’s been a wonderful ten days, I saw so many people, people I still love, who still love me.   I think I miss them more now, when I haven’t even left yet, than I did before I came.

But my heart is in PA, and oh how I’ve missed my Bear and my Max.   I long for my home.    I dread the drive, but I can’t wait to be in my Bear’s arms, and have my Max do a happy dance around me.   I don’t even care if he knocks me down.

I’ll get up in the morning, and pack the few things that are still in my motel room into the car, drink a cup of tea and get a quick shower and head home.   I really hope there isn’t a lot of traffic or construction delays.   But I have a book on CD so the time will pass, but every minute sitting is one more minute I’m away from my Bear.   And every mile I drive is one mile closer to home.


I never thought I’d leave the little town where I grew up.   Funny how falling in love can change your mind about things.

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