sometimes it’s good to google

Periodically, I get this pain in the left side of my chest – enough to catch my breath, but not enough to make me run to the ER. It’s annoying, and even though I know it’s not my heart, there’s a moment of panic each time. Plus, it hurts!

So tonight I went googling – random stabbing pain in left side of rib cage – and came upon something called  precordial catch syndrome

Damn, it matches exactly what happens to me. Well. That’s a relief. I normally avoid googling symptoms because it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find you have something deadly and have only a few minutes to live. But every now and again, I just have to check.

(Disclaimer – I have a condition called condritis, inflamation of the cartilage between the ribs, so I am no stranger to chest pains, and have had multiple cardiac tests over the years – all of which come back clean. Also, I have a doctor appointment this week and will be discussing this with him.)

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