He is NOT a senior!

Max is 8 years old. Eight and a half, actually. Yesterday, he was a puppy. He came into my life, into my arms, and changed my world. He drives me crazy, and he makes me laugh, and he’s the only creature on this earth who has ever totally loved me – totally been mine.

And now he’s 8 years old. They tell me that makes him a “senior.” Every time I think about it, I burst into tears. Do I start counting the days we have left? Senior implies the end is near. I’m not ready for that. I’ll never be ready for that.

So he’s not a senior. He’s just a bit older than he used to be.

And if he doesn’t quit barking at whatever is outside and making me think there’s an axe murderer in the woods, he may not get to be a senior after all!

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2 Responses to He is NOT a senior!

  1. donutsplace says:

    Eight years old isnt really that old for a dog. Some can live much longer.
    Mine are around four.
    I love the silly funny things they do. Yes they can make you laugh!
    My dog has a curfew for me….he goes to daddy and gibes him his paw. Meaning…he wants me on the bed ready for night night time. Silly dogs.
    Makes me feel like hes my mom…lol.
    If I dont go to bed, he looks depressed. Poor puppy. So I go, just to make him happy. πŸ™‚


    • The bigger the dog, the shorter the life, they tell me
      He’s a big dog – but I plan on getting at least 8 more years
      And they are characters, aren’t they? Max just gives me a look, and then gets up on the sofa beside me till I go to bed. πŸ™‚

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