Sugar scrubs and sillies

There’s something about glitter that makes me giggly, silly and magic drunk.   Glitter, we have decided, was invented by faeries.

As my witchy friends would say, “Obviously.”

Tonight I made three batches of scrubs.   Sugar scrubs in themselves are delightful.   Sugar scrubs made with a touch of magic are, well, magical.

I made pink grapefruit.   And the giggles started.
Then I made lavender.  I should have done that one last, because it’s calming and it settled me down a bit.   Even though the color is a bit like a bilious blueberry, it smells delicious and feels heavenly on my hands.

And I decided to make pink lemonade scrubs.   They’re so cute!  Just the sweetest little pink sparkly jars of lemony yummyness.

Note to self – don’t take the thingie out of the essential oil bottles.   Just don’t.   Not a good idea.  Nope, not at all.

So there I was, all magic drunk, and no one awake to help me get grounded.   Whew, that was fun.
Yeah, I’m still giddy.

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