Some good, some bad, some strange, some ugly

The good – we seem to be starting a business.  It started as fun, making sugar scrubs to use ourselves and give to friends.   And then my friend said, “we could sell these,” and I replied with, “we could totally sell these!”  and so it started.    Two white witches, playing in the kitchen – the magic was wild and the giggles, and silliness, and joy, were just about visible.  The scrubs are pretty amazing, too.

The bad – I’m stressing about family stuff.

The strange – I seem to be part of three again.   I am always one of three, or one of me.   I’ve been one of me for a long time.   I didn’t realize how much I missed the three till my friend said, ” this person wants to meet you, she wants to be three again, and she wants you to be a part of it.”  YES!   I didn’t even hesitate.   Yes, we are three.   Joy, light, peace – this is what we bring.

The ugly – if one more person posts a picture of that damned puppy-sized spider, I may puke.   I know I’ll be having nightmares for the next week.   Ever hear of a trigger warning, assholes?

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