Fall blues

It’s already dark and it’s not even 8:00.  

Soon the cold will come, and the dark, and my body will hurt all the time instead of just part of the time.  

Soon the snow will blanket the field.  Blanket – stupid way to describe it.  It will smother my fields.   It will kill my grass, and hurt my trees, and turn everything brown and dead.   Crunching under my feet – no, under my boots, boots that are heavy and hurt my feet and make me feel like a clod when I try to walk.   I want bare feet, running free through the grass, green grass, freshly mowed, not crunching under my clod hopper boots.

It will layers upon layers of clothing, making me feel constricted, unable to breathe, unable to move.   
It will be dark.   Dark and cold, and dreary. 

People are wishing for snow.   I’m wishing they’d shut up.

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