Wearing your ignorance as a badge of honor

It just astonishes me.   I was raised by parents who valued education, who took delight in reading books and learning new things, who tried very hard to appear intelligent and had no patience with people who “acted stupid.” 
Mother corrected our grammar, our spelling, our pronunciation of words.   Poppa read all the time – and when he spoke about something, he usually spoke with knowledge of the facts.  (I never could persuade him that professional wrestling was fake, but otherwise, the man was smart!)

It broke their hearts when grandchildren chose to quit school, to have babies out of wedlock, to work at entry level jobs and have no ambition to ever go further.    My father worked in a factory, my mother stayed home with the kids.  There wasn’t a ton of money, but the bills got paid, we had food and shelter, clothing, and we made our own entertainment.   We didn’t need Starbucks, we didn’t need unlimited data plans for our phones – we didn’t even have phones, how did we survive?

I’ve stopped counting the number of times I see “your” and “you’re,”  and “their, they’re and there” misused in a day.   I’ve stopped correcting most of them.   I was unfriended by someone this past week because I corrected him – and hurt his widdle feewings.   Poor baby, it’s sad to be stupid and sensitive all at the same time.   

Yes, I said “stupid.”  I know that’s not politically correct.  I also know it’s true.  When it becomes a point of pride to announce that you “don’t care about all that spelling and grammar nonsense, what are you, a teacher or something?”  then I don’t want to know you.   

Unfriending – such a silly thing.   If you don’t want to be my friend, you don’t need to read what I post – so don’t go crying off into the sunset about how the wicked witch blocked you.  

And that brings me to one more rant.   I’d like to find out who started these stupid “memes” and slap them.   If you have to keep telling everyone what a badass, or what a bitch you are, you might want to ask who you’re trying to convince.  If you were really all that bad, we’d know without you telling us.  

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