It seems I have a new address

And it’s called pain

I’ve been living in pain for a week

I don’t like this place

I don’t like it one bit

I somehow managed to bring on an attack of sciatica.   The sciatic nerve is apparently the largest, or one of the largest, in your body, running from mid back down the buttocks and legs.   Don’t irritate that bitch, it’s stronger than all of you.   I don’t have any clue what caused this, but it needs to go away.    It’s the nights that are bad.   If I could sleep standing up, I’d maybe get some rest.   I climb in bed, and it starts, I can’t get comfortable, can’t find a position where my back and right hip aren’t screaming.   

It feels like a ball of fire in the middle of my back, sending flames out to my right hip and down my leg. 


I don’t deal well with pain.   I cry.   I weep.   I scream at the universe and beg all the saints and departed relatives to help, to take this away.   

It’s not a pretty sight.

I’m not ready to be reminded of my age.   I’m not ready to be old and infirm.   I don’t have time for this – it has to get fixed, now.  

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