Drinking water

So I bought this Drinkwell fountain, for $50, and I change the filters and clean it and fill it up and put ice cubes in it and he STILL won’t drink out of the flippin thing.   

Nope.  He will stand at the freakin door and whine to go out, convincing me that he absolutely has to go pee RIGHT NOW! and when I open the door,  

Five minutes later he wants back in

I’ve had a flippin party when he actually deigns to drink from the fountain.   Treats and praise galore.   

It doesn’t last

I just don’t know what else to do and it’s driving me crazy!
Then I read on this forum that I visit how everyone drops everything whenever their dog wants attention.   Seriously?  I love my Max but I do have things I have to do, and if I stopped every time he wanted attention, I’d play with him all day long.   I wouldn’t mind doing that, but laundry doesn’t fold itself and eventually it does have to be done.   I guess I’ll stay away from that forum for a bit, I can lay enough guilt on myself without reading about how other people are way better dog owners than I am.  


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2 Responses to Drinking water

  1. Deb says:

    Cookie loves her drinkwell fountain. Of course, she’ll drink water out of ANYTHING. For example, the shower stall after my bath (ew). Any container on the patio that has any water in it at all…. even if it’s weeks old (um… ewwww). Today she lapped water off the plants I’d just watered. Weird cat. I hope Max gets with the program soon.


  2. Oh, he’ll drink anything outside. Inside, however, nope, he just refuses. Drives me nuts.


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