Being a student, once again

It’s been a few years since grad school.   I had forgotten how stressful it is to be a student.   Holy cow!

I’m taking a class online to learn to teach online.   It’s interesting, and I’m learning a lot, it hasn’t yet been as much work as I expected but the homework!  I want to get it right, I want to make sure I have everything done, I didn’t do well on one of the quizzes and I stressed about that for a whole day.   On top of this, I’m teaching two classes that I haven’t taught before and I feel like I’m relearning all that information, too.

And then there’s the stupid weather, which is stressing me out, even though I’m trying not to let it.   Forecasts for Wednesday on Sunday just don’t make sense to me.   Things change too fast.   I was following one weather group, because they were pretty accurate and didn’t hype, but they’ve gotten really popular and now they’re posting things, in huge letters, like “POSSIBLE STORM!  SHARE! SHARE!”   Oh, please.   Can you just quit it?   And get spell check, for heaven’s sake.   I can’t put much stock in a group that can’t spell “guidance,” when they’re using that term over and over.

I keep hearing people say they love snow, they love winter.  Really?  I love putting on 8 layers of clothing to take the dog out, so he can stand there and stare at me like I lost my mind.  I love trying to walk on ruts and hills and valleys of frozen, ice covered crap, because it melted, refroze, and then got another layer of snow on top of that.   I love twisting my ankle one more time (or twelve) because of the ruts.   Yep, that’s a whole barrel of fun.   I love wondering if I’ll make it up the driveway, if school will be canceled and if it is, how are we going to make up the time we’ve missed?  I love being cold, and I really love the way my chondritis flares when I’ve been shoveling.   Yeah, there is just SO much to love.  Oh, wait, I forgot how much I love the ice storms – when the power goes out.  I am grateful for the fireplace, at least we had heat.   I love trying to make plans, only to have them canceled because of snow.   I just freaking love every part of it.

K, end of that rant.   I’m tired.   This is really really tiring!   I still have all the regular stuff to do, and trying to plan around storms is just adding to the stress.   But I’ll make it through.   It’s only a little over a month till Spring, and then a weight will lift.

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