It’s Wednesday, and I feel a rant coming on

I hate this weather, and I’m tired of hearing myself say that.

I’m trying to be positive, but what I’m really positive about is that I hate this weather, and I hate that there’s worse to come.   I feel like a curmudgeon lately.   I’m not that old.  Okay, I am that old, but I don’t think it’s just age.   It’s the world changing too fast, it’s too much that was good being tossed aside in favor of the new, it’s change merely for the sake of change.   

It’s gloomy out, leaves are falling the temperature is still nice, but it’s just a gray sort of day.   My chest is sore.   We had several really good days in a row and then slammed into a flare.   The worst part of this is that I think it’s done, that I’m over it, and then it rears its head to let me know that, nope, it’s still here.    

I feel all out of balance.   I was told that the world is in such a state that all of us who are sensitive to such things are feeling out of sorts, and suffering aches and pains, physical and mental.   I was advised to get some crystals – and it feels like things are conspiring to keep me from doing so.   I found a store in town, but finding time to get there is difficult.   I think I’ll just plan for Friday – we have a thing in the evening but I can go during the day.   It’s in a section of town I don’t know, so I don’t think I’ll go at night.   

And the little message board I run is still down, still acting up, making posting there less than fun.   
One more thing.

I think a long winter’s nap would be a great idea – wake me up in April.  

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