Bully for me

Back in May, a “friend” accused me of being a bully.   She did this in a public forum, then locked me out – effectively cutting off any chance of me defending myself.   For the record, I did NOT bully this woman.   EVER.   I was endlessly amused by her self importance, but I did NOT bully her.   EVER.   

I’m having a very hard time letting this go.  We have friends in common.   None of them stepped up and defended me.   I think that bothers me almost as much as her accusing me – that no one said that she was wrong, that she should stop, that SHE was the bully.   

We’ll be returning to work soon and I find myself on one hand hoping I run into her, and on the other hand praying I don’t.  I’ve been badly hurt by all this.  I was not the popular kid in school, I was the one who never got chosen for teams, who was teased because of my clothes, my bad teeth, my parents’ lack of education, etc.   I was not a pretty child, at least not according to my classmates.   I had only brains going for me, and being a smart girl wasn’t the best thing to be when I was growing up.  I know bullying.  It isn’t something I would do to anyone.   Gentle fun poked, yes, but not ever anything hurtful.   It isn’t in me to be intentionally hurtful without great provocation.  

I want one thing from her.   I want an apology, in the same forum in which she accused me.   And then I never want to see her face again.  

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3 Responses to Bully for me

  1. deb says:

    oh my goodness. my post today is about bullying… kind of.

    I am so sorry that people are such shits. not letting you defend yourself… ugh. just plain wrong.

    Do know that I love you. ❤


  2. Deblynne says:

    Gah! my comment disappeared.
    OK. So what I said is that my post today is about bullying, in a way. I feel what you are saying. It hurts so much. Everyone has been wounded by words… why can’t some people GET THAT?
    Love you so much. She doesn’t deserve your friendship SuzieGirl.


  3. I love you, too, Debarooski
    Gonna go read your blog now


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